VJ Land aims at supporting the innovative practice of VJing in Europe, and provide artists & youth workers with new digital tools for social inclusion.

VJing is the art of manipulating and animating digitalized visuals to create a live performance, the same way that DJing is the art of selecting and manipulating digitalized audio to create a live concert. VJs create and play with digital images in realtime, projecting them in specific spaces in synchronization to music and/or dance. This results in a live multimédia performance that can include music, actors, dancers and art installation. VJing is a ‘total art form’ that encompasses music/sound, visuals, digital tools, a site-specific installation and interaction between artist, audience and space. Our main objective is to teach our participants how to use VJing as an educational tool for young people to think about space appropriation as a way of inclusion, self-expression and social commentary.

To achieve our goal, we brought together a group of 20 youth workers and young artists from 5 countries, and explored with them how to use VJing as a tool for community building and rural valorisation by creating workshops and performances in public spaces of Loket.

Our workshop in Czech Republic 15-28 June 2016 gave a chance to the participants to explore different arts in connexion to VJing: they animated workshops for each other, each artist according to their speciality: VJing, DJing, music, illustration… After this creative exploration, participants teamed up and designed a site specific performance taking place in a space of their chosing in Loket, using VJing and mixing it with their diverse artistic talents.This experiential learning phase prepared them to animate a workshop for youngsters of the art school of Karlovy Vary and helped them develop their own performance.

The specific objectives of the training were as follows:
– Learn the technique of VJing and other visual and performing arts
– Share best practices of using digital tools and art for empowering young people
– Explore VJing to engage and include young people at risk of social exclusion, especially refugees


Here, a few words from VJ Land participants:

«VJ Land was a great experience for me! Besides all of the new software and methods of
VJing that I have learned, I managed to develop new skills of creating visuals, music and
even played live guitar for the first time in my life! Thank you very much for creating this
awesome project!» Alexandra Nikolova, Bulgaria

«It was my best experience yet, both technically and socially.» David Maruscsak
«VJ Land was definitely a great opportunity and exciting experience. I have learned a lot from
each of the participants. And those experiences will stay with me in the future. I loved every
minute of the workshops and would like to repeat all of this again. » Gábor Szucs, Hungary

«In the past two weeks knowledge was just floating in the air. I basically absorbed it from
every conversation that I had. It was awesome! When I got here I had really little knowledge
of what exactly VJing is. Now I have basic skills and I am going to use them in my activities.
And I am going to continue developing those skills. Everyone did a great job here! The
visuals, the music, the vibes were at their highest levels!» Oleg Kobakchiev, Bulgaria

«I learned that I can expand my technical skills to do art and what I like. It felt good to be
in a safe environnement to experiment and take creative initiatives. The group was awesome
and diverse. I discovered a lot of possibilities bounded to the multiple personalities and
artistic sensitivities of all of us. We also had a lot of fun and cultural exchange with locals
especially during the workshop with passionate youngsters.» Coline Robin, France

«Everybody has inspired me and I realized how many other possibilities I have. Non-formal
learning is fun and useful. It was a good experience to see that learning can happen by
playing and is more effective this way. This was the first time that I was in an international
team. We had people from different cultures. Nice experience. It has widened my overall
view about Europe. » David Maruscsak, Slovakia

Cover photo © VJ Fader. More on www.vjfader.com

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