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Stories We Tell invited artists and youth workers from various corners of the world to meet, exchange and develop educational tools using writing, local legends & myths as a source of inspiration and encouragement for young people, calling them to pay attention to the potential of their rural cultures, surroundings and communities.

For 14 days, 21 artists and youth workers met in Bernay en Ponthieu in Picardie, from 27 of February to 12 of March 2017. 7 partners and 21 participants fromRomania, Italy, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, Colombia, Latvia, Poland and Mexico shared personal and professional experiences and analyzed the influence of the storytelling and creative writing in the identity of remote local communities. Together, they wrote and rewrote local legends, myths, historical tales, original stories, poems, letters, essays inspired by Picardy and their own home regions.

What we wanted was this project to engage both youth workers and European writers and researchers. They came together on the development of promotion methods for rural areas and societies as in Somme’s Bay. Our main objective was the development of pedagogical tools using local stories, creative writing and different cultures to educate young people about the beauty and potential of their territory, wishing to turn them into active actors of their society.

During the project we designed and exchanged many workshops and educational exercises, that resulted in a rich variety of creations – poems, short stories, comics, illustrations, installations, sound and music creations, photographs and more. We are excited to share with you the creations and the results of this amazing workshop!



Stories We Tell - photos from the project

The Booklet! – download it here


What participants said about the workshop

Professionaly done. Activities were original and meaningful and relevant for my work so I will use most of the exercises also in my own work. Also the workshops were professionally facilitated, diverse, interesting and relevant for my work. It was a very intense working process and quality of the final creations were really high – it doesn’t happen often in courses like this one and it also made me think what can be changed in courses I’m involved in, in order to improve quality of any tangible results.

-Inese Priedīte, Trainer

It was really good to receive such a different and professional knowledge from our colleagues, also complementary – makes us think larger and make us try to do it different. I’ve learned that we are in a big story, all of us have stories to tell and we can share them in much more ways and forms.

-Luciano Amarelo, Trainer, actor, director

Everything was organized, thought and prepared in a really special way, full of care and really smart! It has been really intense and demanding, in a positive way: we have had so many ideas and wishes to develop them in a interesting way, that the time was looking too short…but all of us manage to do really incredible stuff!

-Sara Celeghin, Trainer, Performer, Director, runs Nest

Amazing team work. Everything was better than expected! Exelent work, keep going like this! Well, the rythm and schedule was intense, very intense, but the final result proved that it was the best possible! Thank you! Very diverse exercises, adapted to professionals from different creative fields. Good balance between theory and practice. Very professional and warm animators! I will take away with me the energy and the kit of efficient exercises.

-Leo Zbanke, Film Director

The most important thing I take away from this workshop is that there a thousand ways you can help people tell their stories, express themselves and communicate over language and other barriers. I want to get more involved with social causes and share the tools and stories I´ve learned here.

-Regina Thompson, Illustrator and Art Director

I felt the activities were great and very well executed.. I really enjoyed the exercises using sound and theatre as this was something new for me that I’d like to carry on exploring. It also made me more confident in my writing as this is something I don’t really practice. I think it was great that every participant got to animate their own workshop we got to see them as facilitators and learn something from each other. I also appreciate that the brief was quite open for us to respond to it as we wished.

-Silvia Alba, Illustrator, Designer, Graphic Facilitator

Each moment we shared was great. Even I cannot choose particular one to tell about it more. This journey has new started. We still share a lot through social media. Keeping in touch makes me feel good, which shows stories never end. And end is a beginning of another story. I hope to keep communicating and sharing with a feeling to meet somewhere again or do some projects together. This training is like a never ending story. I participated in many trainings, this was the best one for me. Having 2 weeks together creates another perspective and energy.

-Nilay Yılmaz, Author

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