DSC_0334The Nomad training was born as part of a long term project, Nomadetc, to facilitate the emergence of digital nomadism in Europe: the use of digital technologies to work from anywhere. Our team is made of European entrepreneurs, artists, social workers & researchers, sharing a love for location independence as an amazing and easy way to live and work! We are based in France, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Portugal but hope to reach all of Europe and the world with our work!

By informing and training young Europeans to innovative working techniques, we want to develop their entrepreneurial skills and their employability. We believe that a new approach towards digital tools meets emerging needs for young Europeans and constitutes a great niche for personal and professional development! The Nomad training thus promotes the feasibility and relevance of an innovative life choice based on increased mobility and the professional use of skills such as mastery of digital tools, multilingualism and entrepreneurship. The project responds to the evolution of our work and life environment and the new needs that it creates: the internationalization of education and labor market, the increasing use of digital learning, flexible training and mobility. Find out more on

In a word, the Nomad training objectives were to share tools and good practices among remote workers, as well as prepare workshops to present digital nomadism to youngsters and beginners and help them start their own location indepent activity!

To do so, we brought together 17 location independent workers, trainers, youth workers & youth leaders from in France, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Portugal to boost and expand their capacity in supporting young people to start a digital nomad activity.

We defined our own meaning of digital nomadism, based on the professional practice and lifestyle of the participants among the Nomad training. Then we shared remote working tools and gave the team a chance to experience them, individually and as a group, to achieve a meaningful work toward spreading digital nomadism in our communities. Finally, each participant had a chance to design their own digital nomad workshop, to be used in their communities!


Here is some of the feedback we recieved from our participants:

“I found your training fascinating! Get on board with the whole “be your own boss” concept! I am happy and take away what Anne said one day: I now have absolutely no excuse not to live my life like I want, I can learn anything be anywhere and do anything. Digital Nomadism is how you can find a way to do what you want using digital skills. I like that a lot. Thank you.” Richard Kimberley, England

“I was really excited when I found out about this training. My expectations were absolutely fulfilled – but also exceeded. I met many amazingly positive team members, that organised this perfect trainig; a really awesome selection of interesting people (who were truly relevant for this project) and everything happened in such a cozy and beautiful place! Thaaaaaank you! You are amazing and I would really, really like to work with you in the future :-)” Alexandra Nikolova, Bulgaria

“THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :-D” Judit Molnar, Hungary

“You are awesome. I liked a lot how you prepared all the activities, the portrait and the team project. I love the final activities.” Pilar Martin, Spain

“Love.” Calin Graur, Romania

“Can I hug you? Seriously, please…. :D” Jitka Richterová, Czech Republic

“:)))))))))” Matteo Speranza, Italy

“Great experience, Anne has the best energy ever for a trainer, Eveline makes learning a fun and laid back experience. All over, very helpful and memorable experience! Great choice of group. The themes seemed to be very well distributed and the feedback we gave was well received and adjusted. Anne had the perfect atittude as a trainer, I can’t stress this enough. The follow up in the fb group page is so positive! So that was it, thank you for the amazing amount of work you put into it, you are great!” Vicente Spinola, Portugal

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