Our project has Picardy as its backdrop, where local youth lack opportunities of any kind, disconnected from their life and civic duty, while feeling more and more prisoners of their own society, eventually they end up developing a bitter distaste for the region.

The project aims to involve youth workers and artists from various corners of Europe, in order to exchange and develop educational tools that use the seventh art as a source of inspiration and encouragement to young people, calling them to the attention of the potential of its natural habitat, transforming leading to become active agents in its development as members of a community.

During the project we have created a book that describes they way we designed the movies and the creations. Here it is!

See all the photos from the training here.

About the training course in France
For 20 days, 20 youth workers and artists, from 5 different countries, participated in a Training Course in Saint Valery sur Somme in Picardy. Together they shared personal and professional experiences and analyzed the influence of the seventh art in the perception of remote local communities have of the outside world. Through workshops, which merged non-formal and informal learning methods, the participants developed work tools that could enable them to capture attention of local young people, regardless of their geographical location and socio-economic and political conditions. The set of activities to be undertaken was defined, planned and animated by the participants, according to their taste, expertise and personal knowledge. In turn, the set of methods, tools and exercises developed over the course of the numerous activities were implemented by the participants, resulting in the creation of a short / medium-length films, performed and shot in situ. The final object included participants and local youth to be presented to the local community and later released on a European scale.

The creation of cross-sector educational tools enables the participants to improve their personal and professional skills. Working closely with other European professionals gave them the opportunity to build an international network as well as to contribute to the development of a European identity and a civic sense. The production of an educational booklet illustrating the tools developed during the Training Course; the public presentation of a draft of the final result highlighting the potential of the locality; the final film objects and the production of a documentary on the project serve as awareness material in rural communities, focusing in particular on young people and the importance of taking an active role in the development of the region, European citizenship and civic spirit.

Any object from this Training Course will be used by all partners involved in order to multiply the impact of the activities carried out through the media and dissemination to local, regional, national, European and international. In the long term, the partnership aims to extend the influence of the project before new target audiences.


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