Mesopotamian Caravan was held in the South East of Turkey, in a Kurdish region where international cultural interventions are very rare, made difficult by the political tension between the Kurds and the Turkish state. The residence was held to allow cultural exchanges between young European, Turkish and Kurdish artists in the city of Mardin and surrounding villages.

Mesopotamian Caravan gathered 35 young circus artists, actors, mimes, dancers and musicians from England, Greece, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden and Turkey to give workshops and create a show that took place in several districts of Mardin and neighboring villages.

The show created during the project illustrates the challenges faced by the inhabitants of this multicultural region: geographical, cultural and psychological boundaries. It helped the participants and the local community to understand the social dynamics of the region and to express their understanding of its isolation, its origins, its effects and alternatives using performing arts as a tool of expression.

To see more, you can watch this little film. It features scenes of the project to promote an event that happened the following year.

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