Mardin is located in the southeast of Turkey, in a Kurdish region under tense political climate. In recent years, the situation has become even more complicated because of the neighboring conflicts that broke out in Syria and Iraq, which caused the arrival of many refugees in southern Turkey. In Mardin, 44% of the population is under the age of 24 years. The lack of cultural and artistic offer prevents young people from developing their creativity and blocks their understanding of cultural diversity. In this context, the association Her Yerde Sanat operates a social circus school for children and young people in Mardin and the surrounding area.

Social Circus Magic Recipe project consists of a series of study visits to the Turkish association. These trips allowed NOMADWAYS youth workers to develop their social circus, project management and animation skills in the specific context of Mardin. This helped improve the quality of future social circus projects, including one developped by the same partners and more, for 2016 in Egypt, under similar conditions to those of Mardin.

Social Circus Magic Recipe involved 4 study visits of 1 month each for 4 French youth workers in Turkey. By observing and participating in the social circus activities of Her Yerde Sanat, the participants developed their personal and professional experience of social circus. Through moments of observation, conversation, meeting, preparation and animation of workshops, they trained their social circus skills through methods of non-formal and informal learning. They learnt professional tools to engage youth from disadvantaged communities in circus activities developing their key competences.

Develop their knowledge, skills and pedagogical practice of social circus enabled participants to improve their personal and professional skills. Working with other professionals from Europe gave them the opportunity to build international networks and develop their sense of European citizenship and identity. The production of an educational booklet presenting the tools and methods used during the study visits participated in improving the quality of social circus and youth work in Europe.

All project results were then be used by partners to multiply the impact of activities through communication activities and the organization of dissemination events at the local, regional, national, European and international level. In the longer term, the partnership aims at extending the influence of participants’ work by organizing new projects together.


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