Games are amazing! They are part of our lives, every day, without even realizing it! It was proven that by games, everyone learns much faster, easier and enjoyable. This is why we would like to invite 24 educators, youth workers, artists, gamers, game designers – artivists to explore the gamification process for social change and create educative games.

About the workshop

Gamification is the process of using game mechanics and game thinking in non-gaming contexts to engage users and to solve problems. Another way to explain it is that gamification consists on making daily tasks more enjoyable by introducing gaming elements. In nowadays generation gamification can become an useful tactic to encourage specific attitudes, and increase motivation and engagement. Though commonly found in marketing strategies, it is now started being implemented in some educational programs as well, facilitating learning experience and influencing behaviours of gamers. If structured well, a gamification system utilises the psychic drivers that people want to experience, creating novel ways of forming and extending relationships and encouraging long-term engagement and loyalty. That is to say, a successful system leverages natural human instinct to form a community, to achieve and to feel recognised and rewarded in our daily lives.

“Let’s GAMIFY” focused on developing specific competencies in designing educational games for youth workers, facilitators, educators and trainers, on topics related to social exclusion and global challenges who believe games are an efficient tool to increase the awareness, information and education level among young people at risk.


Have a look at the educative and creative activities we did during the workshop: our e-booklet presents the exercises and their goals. DOWNLOAD here and feel free to share with the world!


Would you like to have a look at how Let’s Gamify was? Great, here we have some photos and here – lovely series of interviews by Olivier Péquignet (keep an eye, more are coming!).





Our trainer

Let's Gamify trainer

Aleksander Grozdanov is a passionate entrepreneur and real life game designer. Alek is a co-founder of Dextrophobia Rooms – the first real-life escape games project in Bulgaria. In his 5 years of experience in Dextrophobia he was involved in the development of 4 escape games, various interactive projects and installations with focus on experiential marketing and recruitment and dozens of real life games development for needs as team buildings, activations, event organising a social card game with in-build pay-it-forward mechanics. Alek’s background is in math and computer science with accent in Game Theory. He is also a mentor and lecturer in several local Bulgarian programs and organisations.

About the location

Brivezac is a village located in the Corrèze department in the Limousin region. It is on the right bank of the river Dordogne. It has a community of 175 inhabitants. The church of Saint-Pierre, in the heart of the village, has one of the oldest Roman portals in Limousin. The interior of the village is a patchwork of old houses made with stones from the ruins of old buildings and pebbles of the Dordogne. The bridge over the Dordogne that crosses Brivezac offers a beautiful point of view between cliffs and fields that border the stream.


Our gamifiers worked and lived in our newly renovated old Barn in Brivezac. We call it “Homade” – a place for artistic exchange and co-creation; a place for nomads, artists, educators and social actors to play, learn, create and share. A place for you and for us, a place to shape our world together! See photos of our building adventures and how our last workshop “Subjective Mapping” looked like in there.


homade inside


Our gamifiers about the workshop

I liked the flexible approach and the listening to people needs. I think actually it was quite remarkable. Although a clear visual schedule (learning flow) could have been amazing.

-Anne Herholdt

It was so nice to think that game could be an really great alternative way for some social and environmental issues. It showed me that how human behavior work front of a motivation game. It learned me also how a game (or a project in general) could be created from A to Z, how to work with a team, et how to manage different personalities and backgrounds. It was concrete results and we have the chance to test it several time and improve our ideas every time.

-Olivier Péquignet

I really liked the open spaces, it was 12 diverse workshops which were interesting (some of them better some of them good enough ;) ). I was thinking of giving the choice for PAX to chose the workshops which they want to attend – but i understand the position that all of them want to try everything.


I appreciated very much the structure the trainer gave us about gamification & game design and it was helpful to work both on transforming existing games and build new games, to better understand the theory. I liked working in different groups, since this gave me the opportunity to experiment different way of cooperation and understand which style of group dynamic suites me better.

-Ilaria Fresa

Participants’ workshops were very important for me. They, and the hot-seat sessions gave us the great opportunity to exchange our knowledge in many different matters.

-Łukasz Tyrcha

Very interesting and challenging for the team games. It’s amazing what we have done in such a short time. I guess working a bit more in them would have helped some projects to go further, but it was already great to experiment some basic prototypes.


I’ve learned a lot and I even could master some gamification skills. The balance between theoretical and practical part was quite good.


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