The I’m festival takes place every year in Mardin in southeastern Turkey, a Kurdish region where the political climate is tense, to say the least. In Mardin, 44% of the population is under the age of 24 years. The lack of cultural and artistic offer prevents young people from the region to develop their creativity or access ideas and worldviews different from their own. Organizing an international circus festival in Mardin provides new opportunities for the youth of the surrounding communities.

The theme of the event: Play for no war, expresses the social dimension of this particular circus festival. Most activities are aimed at communities of refugees from neighboring countries and are conducted by French and European artists, but also by young artists from war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Palestine or Syria.

The I’m festival is organized by the association Her Yerde Sanat with our help. In September 2015, it showcased the work of local youngsters who performed their show in Mardin and Antakya.

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