All Homade users need to become Nomadways members. To become a member, please follow these steps:
1. Register here.
2. Donate a sum of your choice here.

And discover our membership perks here.



To book your tickets, better know this:

Flights: Limoges airport is the closest, served by several low cost airlines from the UK and Belgium. There are also some services to the Brive airport. Otherwise, most convenient airports to fly to are Bordeaux, Toulouse and Paris, reach Brive la Gaillarde by train or bus. From there you can take a regional train/bus to Bretenoux. Or find a car sharing ride. We will come pick you up where & when you arrive and drive you to Homade.

Car sharing: it is by far the most convenient mean of transportation in the region, where public transport is kind of a rare occasional miracle. On sites like blablacar.com, look for a ride to Brivezac and you will most likely find something until Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, Bretenoux or Biars, which are the closest towns. Your driver might just agree to drop you at Homade, or we will pick you up where needed.

Bus: you can easily book Flixbus, Isilines, Eurolines or Ouibus coaches to Brive la Gaillarde. From there you will take a train to Bretenoux, where we will meet up and go together to our barn! Please note that there are 2 coach stops in Brive la Gaillarde: one in the city centre on Boulevard Jules Ferry and second in the Western part of the city that is called Centre Commercial Ouest. From the Centre Commercial Ouest there is 4 km distance to train station. During the weekdays you can take a city bus that goes to the city centre of Brive la Gaillarde.

Train: From Bordeaux, Toulouse and Paris Gare d’Austerlitz, you can go to Brive la Gaillarde. From there you will take a train to Bretenoux, where we will come to pick you up and bring you to Homade.

Whatever you decide, please let us know so that we can arrange to be there when & where you arrive.



On Homade calendar, you can see the residency periods and which workshops are happening when at Homade. By default, Homade movement space is dedicated to residency work from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00. After confirming your venue with Homade team, feel free to add your own presence on the calendar and specify if you wish to use Homade movement space at specific times.


If you haven’t become an online member of Nomadways before showing up at Homade, please do get your membership upon arrival. All Homade users need to become Nomadways members for insurance reasons. Fill in the form that’s by the front door and hop, it’s done.


In a nutshell, Homade has:
-8 rooms of 2-3 people for up to 20 awesome visitors in total
-100m2 of movement space with a 7 meter heigh ceiling and an old cinema sound system
-5 bathrooms with showers
-5 toilets, 2 powered by drinkable water, 3 dry toilets
-1 shared kitchen, dining room, living room and library
4000m2 of garden full of walnut trees, apple trees, cherry trees, plum trees and fig trees
-1 river a few meters away!
-a washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, gaz hoven, cooking gear and a collective car that can fit 9 people in… all for your tu use as you like!


id: Nomadways
password: BrivezacRocks


When you arrive, feel free to chose your favorite room and make your bed if it’s not done.
You can install and pimp up your room as you like, just remember it should be comfy to host 2-3 people after you leave, and other rooms should remain comfy too.


There are 5 bathrooms and 5 separate toilets, 2 powered by drinkable water, 3 dry toilets.
Please take your shower mindfully, avoid spilling water on the wooden floor and walls and give the planet some love by not consuming too much water.
We also encourage you to use our dry toilets rather than the drinkable water ones.


Use all equipment as well as goods that are common, just replace what you consume or break so it’s available again for next visitors. And clean up when you’re done.


We have a self service bar on the dining room shelves. Serve yourself as much as you want, pay in the «  bar money box » and clean up when you’re done ;)


Again, use everything you want and replace it when you’re finished.
Check out our collective library, feel free to add your own books on the shelves, just please leave our books here when you go. They’re meant to stay at Homade.
Also, the upper shelves are filled with material boxes, paper, pencils, colors… use them too, and replace or donate for what you use.


It’s all yours to dance around, pick fruits and eat them, sleep in a hammock, make a bonfire, look at the stars… your call!
We recommend to use the garden to hang out after 23.00 so that Homade building remains calm and people can sleep.
Wanna make a bonfire? Go ahead, and remember to stop it with water before going to sleep.
Wanna make a lot of sounds? You’re your own master. Please do so as far away from the neighbors as possible and remember to respect their sleep.


We have a collective car that can fit 9 people. It’s an old Citroen Jumper, running on Gazoil. The keys are in the ignition and the papers in the glovebox. Use it as you like, add gaz in the tank and fix it when it breaks.


WHEN YOU LIVE AT HOMADE (yes, even for a day)

Improve it as much as you want, just remember it should be comfy to host 2-3 people after you leave. And on your leaving day, please clean up thoroughly, undo your bed, clean your sheets, if you have time, dry and store them and prepare a fresh bed if you know someone is coming soon after you.


Shop & cook as you like. For yourself or collectively, that’s up to you and other Homade inhabitants to decide. Use what you want that’s common, just replace it so it’s available for next visitors. And remember to clean after yourself.


To drink alcoholic drinks here, you need to be Nomadways member! If you haven’t filled in our membership form, please do it now!
We have a self service bar on the dining room shelves. Serve yourself as much as you want, pay in the «  bar money box » and clean up when you’re done ;)
Otherwise, shop, bring & consume whatever you want (that’s not illegal).


It’s simple really: clean after yourself (food, dishes, workspace, room).
In addition to this, every day, we invite you to dedicate 15-30mn to collective cleaning and caring for Homade. This may include:
-emptying the dry toilets (step 1: you need to be 2 people. step 2: grab the toilet garbage bin and bring it to the compost piles in the garden. step 3: uncover the fullest compost pile. step 4: throw the content of the garbage bin on the compost pile. step 5: add some hay or grass on the compost pile. step 6: cover the compost pile again. step 7: clean the garbage bin with water. step 8: add a bit of sawdust at the bottom of the clean garbage bin. step 9: bring the garbage bin back under the toilet seat. step 10: fill up the sawdust bucket with sawdust. BIM, you’re done!!!)
-cleaning shared areas
-picking up and storing some fruits
-cutting the grass
-replacing gaz bottles for hot water and cooking when they’re empty
-and many many other things… we trust you to do what’s needed!
There is cleaning equipment is in the technical room and tools in the storage room.


As Homade inhabitant, we ask you to dedicate a moment every week, on Thursday from 18.00 to 20.00, for collective governance. This time is for residents to talk about co-living and co-creating. Other members of Nomadways might tag along to propose and prepare activities or anything else needed. You’re invited to propose and implement any changes you like in our guidelines as long as it helps Homade run smoother.

On Homade calendars (one digital here and one physical board in the space), you can see who will be in residency and which workshops and events are happening when. When it’s not booked by anyone else, feel free to use it spontaneously:)
When you wish to propose an event at Homade, or use the movement space outside of a residency, just bring it up at the collective governance circle. If there is no objection, then add it on both calendars and send a short description of the event to homade@nomadways.eu so that we can share the news with the world.
When an event is happening at Homade whilst you’re living there, you’re co-hosting it. Some time from the collective governance circle prior to the event will be dedicated to organizing it and dividing tasks (communication, preparing the space, technical setup, collecting memberships, presenting Nomadways & Homade, collecting fees and donations, taking photos & videos, cleaning up, …). Pick some and make sure with people who are present that the event happens awesomely.

-Tuesday-Friday: residency & evening workshops
10.00-17.00: dedicated residency time in the movement space
17.00-20.00: social time downstairs and/or short workshops upstairs
-Tuesday 18.00-20.00: collective governance circle
-Saturday-Sunday: weekend workshops, shows & events
10.00-17.00: workshops
20.00: shows
These hours might change according to each activity.
-Monday: closed to visitors.
-Monday to Sunday 22.00-09.00: quiet time indoors


The space is self funded. That means by you. Please donate to cover our electricity, water, gaz, oil, maintenance, material & tax bills during your stay (or more ;). We advice 5 euros a day. We want to make participation inclusive – also in regard to money. For this reason, our money is collected as an anonymous, suggested donation in our donation box. This donation is voluntary and people who can give less or nothing at all are also welcome. If the suggestion for the donation had to be corrected, this would happen through a consensual decision mad in the collective governance circle.


In accordance with our values of dialogue and shared creativity, we invite you to adopt a welcoming attitude towards visitors and present Homade and your work to them. If people show up at inconvenient times, just take a minute to invite them back anytime from Tuesday to Friday, 17.00 to 20.00.




In Brivezac, we advice you to visit the associative cafe Le Destin, run by Roger, a funky Dutch guy and the former owner of Homade building. That being said, also take a swim in the Dordogne & enter the church, which has the oldest Roman portal of Corrèze.


Beaulieu is the closest town where you will find most commodities: shops, banks, bars.
Its old city around the river Dordogne is beautiful, as well as its reknown church.
We advice you to visit the associative cafe Kacalou, our go-to-place and people in the area. As far as shopping goes, there are market days in Beaulieu: every Wednesday and Saturday Morning for a typical market on the main square. And during the Summer Monday evenings there is an extra market of regional specialties by the river Dordogne. Otherwise, you will find a bigger Intermarché with a gaz station just outside Beaulieu in direction of Saint Céré and Bretenoux. The nearest bio-shop is in Saint Céré, on the left side of the main road when you come from Brivezac.


A bit further away than Beaulieu and in the other direction from Brivezac, you can visit Argentat and its cute riverside. We advice you to go to the associative cafe and bio-shop Le Silo there. You will also find supermarkets at the entrance of the city when you come from Brivezac, and shops and banks in the city center.
Please give us some feedback about your Homade experience here.