The image of women is constructed and conveyed by literature and press. Analysing it can help to measure the extent of stereotypes in the relationship between sexes. Moreover, research and feminist movements have always advanced side by side. While needed in society, feminism has expanded its field of investigation in the world of education: history, sociology, psychology, psychoanalysis …

Feminismifragilisticexpialidocious therefore brought together educators and feminists of France and Europe. They worked together with illustrators and authors to create educational materials in the form of illustrated stories.

Feminismifragilisticexpialidocious took place in Saint-Valery-sur-Somme in Picardy , from the 1st to the 15th of November 2015. The project brought together 20 experts, artists and authors from different European countries, to create multilingual art books and original texts on feminism. The composition of these books was an opportunity for the artists, educators and researchers to conduct and attend workshops on gender studies, writing and illustration. This enabled them to enhance their professional practice in their own local communities.

Creating and illustrating books about feminist stories in multiple languages, across multiple stories and various visual worlds, enriches the educational material on gender equality in Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. It resulted in an exhibition in the town and so develop awareness of issues related to gender studies in the region.


Check out these feedbacks from participants!

“The training has been amazing. I have learned from everyone about gender issues, illustration, about different cultures, different situations and mainly about different people. It has been an enriching experience and it has completely fulfilled my expectations. You are the best!” Regina Peres, Spain

“I hope than your work will spread around. I’m very happy to come back with so many new stuffs to share with kids and my comunity. I really enjoyed the process, to adapt or try to adapt to other way of working, to feel the support of the team.”
Mélanie Abel, France

“It is not possible to express my feelings in few words. But I am really thankful to Nomadways Association for holding such kind of training. Actually I felt at home. Everyone was so kind and so friendly. Thank you everyone in this training.” Elvin Mammadov, Azerbaïjan

“One great example that when people really want, things happened. Innovator way to think, talk, share about very sensitive social subjects in the best way: involving people, creating news social approaches.” Manuela Tavares, Portugal

“Thank you Nomadways for giving us the opportunity to make this world a better place to live! The training course gave me a full package of knowledge about feminism, gender issues and illustrating. It was quite useful to gain skills at creative writing, making lay outs and monotyping. The whole process of training was both interesting and productive.” Lilit Broyan, Armenia

“Great job :) …Blood, sweat and tears! Ididn´t expect such a tiring time but it was worth! Making book in 6 days is a wonderful experience. I managed to use in practice academic knowledge about gender and equality. Book written by my team includes highlights, quotes and exerts of feminism that in useful and playful manner teach kids about effects of sexism, positive attitude about body and sexuality and skills for criticial analyzingof exisiting gender norms. I gained knowledge about specific expressions and vocabulary from the gender and queer field. I managed to learn how to use graphic programme -Indesign Book´s creating process taught me about effective management of team. Ilearnt how to divide working-leisure time and tasks among group´s members. All artistic worshops showed me how in simple, minimalistic, and budget way gain spectacular graphic effects that can turn my ideas into real product. I gained feelings and self-awereness that, even if I am not educated in design, my basic graphic skills can enrich my everyday projects. Cooperation between international participants let me to developed diverse and creative approach to express my ideas, experiences and emotions. I have learnt different art technics, media etc.” Karolina Ufa, Poland

“I am impressed by the work accomplished! But it’s the result of all work, reflections, and illustrations made during our two wonderful weeks of training. PLease do more projects like that!” Marion Broca, France

“Nomadways- a place for creative feminist activists, nomads, and wanderers :)” Ksenija Joksimovic, Serbia

“It was a good training which give me new friends, ideas and skills. You inspired me to combinie art and social activism in different ways to share messages in my society.” Anna Cherenshchykova, Ukraine

“Amazing. I am actually so in love with the books we created, that I hope they get distributed. Not only because of the aesthetic, the content is powerful and good to educate people of all ages.” Ana Pacheco, Portugal

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