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It seems that although increasing youth participation has been an important objective of international and local funds supporting non-formal learning activities, existing teaching and training methodologies haven’t been efficient to increase social and civic activism. There are difficulties to use find methods of interventions in order to empower young people to take control of their lives and circumstances and a strong need to developing innovative and efficient methods and approaches how to engage and strengthen young people.

Most education of all kinds – takes as a starting point the conveyance of new information, based on the premise that knowledge is power. Books, teachers, models, new ideas and simulations are all great places to start when learning something new. The problem is most learning stops there. Once the book is shut and teacher is gone, we head back to our lives, where we proceed to do things very much the same way that we did them yesterday. That’s because exposure to new ideas is necessary but insufficient to enable us to take new action.

And here we see the huge potential and importance of embodied learning.Embodied learning constitutes a contemporary pedagogical theory of learning, which emphasises the use of the body in the educational practice. It views the physical body as a domain of learning, change, and transformation.n

Main aim of the partnership is to elaborate innovative, efficient learning tools and methods for boosting young people’s participation and activism thought developing their initiative and entrepreneurship, social and civic competence, that would be based on the work with body and movement.

The partnership includes two training events in France and Italy, that will lead to the production of Embodied Learning MOOC and Toolkit. In addition, several local follow-up events engaging young people or educators and youth workers and one larger multiplier event in Latvia is planned.

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Our activities in 2019:

Exploring Embodied Learning

Training course in Padova, Italy, April 9-17 2019

Our 7-days training course was diving into the topic of embodied learning: we were exploring Embodied Learning together with educators and youth leaders from Europe. Goal of our project and partnership was to elaborate innovative, efficient, body and movement based learning methods for boosting young people’s participation and activism thought developing their initiative and entrepreneurship, social and civic competence.

Main theme uniting all the activities and planned outputs was embodied learning – its main concepts, principles, approaches and various methods, viewing the physical body as a domain of learning, change and transformation. With help of different international and local learning activities, within the project partners developed an online course about embodied learning and an embodied learning toolkit that can be used in work with young people and also adults. Soon you will find out more about our learning materials.

Exploring Embodied Learning was the first event within the Embodied Change project and it gathered 16 participants and facilitators from Italy, France and Latvia.


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Location and Venue

The training course took place in NEST – a space for creation and artistic research, a center for performative arts with equipment for aerial disciplines, ample space for dance, theater, a laboratory for sculpture and manufacture, and a little room for artist residencies. It is the headquarter of Teatro Invisibile, where the company organizes or hosts various events, as well as accommodates professional artists in residence. It is featuring tatami mattresses, gym mattrasses, aerial and vertical dance equipment. The laboratory is equipped with tools for cutting, carving, sculpting, sewing, painting



Embodied Entrepreneurship

Training course, 2-10 July 2019, France

”Embodied Entrepreneurship” is a training course for people in age from 18 to 25 who are interested in civic activism or social business and want to solve different challenges in their communities, who would like to help to create new learning tools and who wish to become more confident, courageous and creative, boost their teamwork and leadership skills.

The training program will include elements from improvisation, dance, bodywork, voice work, theater, marital arts, meditation and other bodyways. We will work also with writing, storytelling, various visual arts and implement a small local initiative on site. There will be also one online learning week right before the course and one online learning week within two months after end of the course.

”Embodied Entrepreneurship” is the second event within the strategic partnership project ”Embodied Change”, and it will gather 22 participants and facilitators from Italy, France and Latvia.


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Embodiment and Change

Conference, 6-8 September 2019, Latvia

During this event you will have a chance to experience various movement practices and explore how they can be connected with learning and social change. You will also receive a new set of visual tools for body and movement based educational and personal development work.

The call is open for participants from Erasmus+ programme countries. Event is free of charge, however, participants should cover their international and local travel costs. Application deadline: 1 August 2019.


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