Are you part of an artivist initiative? Work in team? The notions of collective intelligence, shared governance, emotional intelligence, experiential and embodied learning give you shivers of delight? Then “Collective power” is for you!

The workshop will bring together 24 participants from France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Spain from September 20 to October 1 in Homade, to explore the power of collective intelligence in favor of social initiatives and artivists.



The workshop aims to experiment with participants and cooperate to improve the way we interact, valuing our differences, learning as much as we can from each other and moving towards social transition. The workshop offers a space for experimentation, transmission and support to build, develop and realise creative, collective, artivist initiatives.



Our programme mix theoretical contributions and experiments from the group to implement concrete projects during the workshop, as well as prepare the use of newly discovered tools in everyone’s life and professional context. It is about feeling and living together a group experience using our diversity as a fundamental resource, open to individual and collective questions, transferable into our daily lives.



Some tools we will use:
-non violent communication
-collective governance
-creativity and collective intelligence: deep listening, ideas emergence from the center, use of Walt Disney methods, 6 hats of Bono, world coffee …
-the Tao game

Starting by asking each participant about their expectations, our programme will integrate elements of horizontal work organisation, sociocracy, holocracy, design thinking, lean management and improvisation. Everyone will propose and animate small activities tocontribute to the learning of others according to their own talents.



-Dates: September 20 – October 1, 2019
-Location: Homade, Brivezac, France
-For whom: we are looking for project creators, team workers, pedagogues, socio-educators and creative animators interested in collective intelligence and governance, ready to contribute to the development and realization of artivist activities!
-From: France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic and Spain (but if you live in another country, you can always apply, we are flexible)
-Application deadline: June 15, 2019
-Results announcement: before June 30, 2019
-Price: 50 euros (deducted from your travel reimbursment)

The project is co-financed by Erasmus. Travel, food and accommodation expenses are covered.

Apply here!


As a foretaste, here comes a graphic synthesis of the book Reinventing organizations by Frédéric Laloux:

Reinventing Organisations Large

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