In the summer of 2015, Europe experienced the highest influx of refugees and displaced population since the Second World War. Over four million people have fled Syria. The vast majority of them reside now in camps in the neighboring countries, including Turkey. Many refugee camps are crowded and undersupplied, subjecting people to bad conditions and youth to a severe lack of education. The risk is that a generation of displaced youth will be growing up without an education.

In this context, The Circus Effect aims to offer alternative sources of non formal education to refugee and displaced youth in and around Europe with social circus. Our proposal is to develop a cross-sectoral international network and platform to engage a large number of people and organisms in social circus activities with refugee and displaced youth all over Europe.

Our project involves over 250 participants from social circus schools staff and other partner organisations to young social circus trainers and students from refugee or displaced communities. Their work will impact over 37000 refugee or displaced youth through circus shows and performances. And we hope that our project engages and reaches over 100000 people interested in social circus and refugee issues in and around Europe.

Our activities include 9 trainings about management and planning ; social circus training methods ; social media, identity building and public relations ; team identity building ; engaging volunteers ; products development & marketing for social circus ; big scale social circus events organisation and management by young volunteers. They also include 400 social circus workshops, 24 youth circus shows, a mobile photo exhibition, 2 fundraising concerts and 2 youth circus festivals.

The results of our project involve training material and practical info to implement social circus activities, methods, processes and network to multiply social circus activities and impact ; a web portal to engage stakeholders into social circus projects ; a social network and communication platform for refugee and displaced youth practicing social circus and a mobile application to connect social circus actors in Europe and the world.

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