CIRC US . EGYPT . 2016


We realised a social circus residency, training and tour in Egypt in october 2016. For three weeks, circus artists and social workers from France, Germany and Egypt met in the Nile Delta to animate circus performances and youth workshops in towns and villages of the region.

The exchange of multidisciplinary workshops between the participants and local youth and children was an opportunity for Egyptian kids to doscover circus arts and for artists to develop and enrich their pedagogical practice. Moreover, these workshops and others, among artists, lead to the creation of an original show based on cooperation between locals and guests, a new creation on the Egyptian cultural scene.The experience was overall an opportunity for cultural dialogue between French, German and Egyptian artists and pedagogues.

In addition to facilitating access to culture by animating all shows and workshops in towns and villages of the Nile delta, the presence of international artists in the region reinforced cultural exchange and cooperation between guests and locals, helping to develop the artistic means of expression for young Egyptians.


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