The idea of Caravanific is inspired by the hinterland of Nice, a beautiful but landlocked rural area, where cultural opportunities are (too) rare. Creating an event in those mountains allowed artists to discover the region and be inspired by it, while offering residents of the Esteron valley new cultural and artistic perspectives.

Caravanific gathered 40 young artists from Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey with their respective cultures, traditions, educations, experiences and languages. This residence was an opportunity for cultural and artistic exchange between local artists and, through workshops and the creation of a touring show by the circus artsits, comedians, mimes, dancers and musicians participating in the project.

A film about Caravanific was directed by Alessandro Ambroggi:


If you want to see more, feel free to watch this video and this one, this one or that one, which show rehearsals of the performance created during the project.

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