Nomadways Activities Report 2018

2018 was a year of decisive change and transition for Nomadways. After years of activities around France we organised for the first time a whole season in Homade – our new headquarters in Brivezac.

Nomadways activities focused on two priorities: development of art-making workshops for international and local artists, artivists and youth workers from a variety of cultures and disciplines as well as creation of the collaborative venue, managed collectively as a place for dialogue, co-creation and social art. To advance these objectives, we organised four 2-week and ten weekend-long educational workshops, where participants had a chance to explore and exploit artistic, social and pedagogical ideas, theories, methods, tools and practices together.

Read our full 2018 report by downloading it here.

Looking for some extra crunchy details? We have them for you: this is our visual summary of 2018 and here you can have a look at our wishes for 2019!