Nomadways membership

Would you like to be part of a creative kickass gang? 

As a member of Nomadways, you become part of a growing kickass gang of artists engaged in creative dialogue. You are welcome to join our facebook and slack group where we are networking, discussing artivist projects in our countries and communities as well as bouncing ideas off each other. You will meet amazing people there and get a chance to co-create and shape our world together! Here are the membership perks:


Membership deadline

Once you become a member, it’s forever (if you so wish!)… The more active you are, the more benefit you will get from it!

Come to our very special Créestival once per year

You’re invited to our Créestival (1 week every September at our heaven Homade), for Nomadways members only, where everyone is a contributor: you do something for creative dialogue, and you enjoy all the other propositions of other participants you want!

Invitations to amazing projects and workshops

As a member you can go and participate in many exciting workshops and projects created by partners in our network – yes, that’s right – not only by Nomadways but many more inspiring teams! We will send you invitations to apply for activities in the field of creative dialogue. That’s not all! While browsing for good training courses and workshops, we will share them with you as well. The same way – on our groups.

Contribution to our association

As a member, we also invite you to make a yearly donation to Nomadways to support us (1 euro already represents a lot of artivist stickers that can be stuck every year all over the world ;) We leave it to you to decide how much you would like to contribute to our association and community. Donate here.


How to become a member?

Easy! Apply here.