We are an organization inspired by vision, driven by mission and underpinned by values. We have put our vision, mission and values here for you to see, along with what they mean to us, our members and partners so that you can decide whether we are an organization created of things which matter to you.


We foresee the World where everyone feels a sense of fulfilment by being free, equal and self-actualized. We believe that a continuous work on well-being and improving access to knowledge could create a society in which people can make their dreams come true.


Our mission is to bring out the best of the people. We want to inspire them to lifelong learning, experiments with their own resources and as a result to become a leader of social change. Through our activities we are trying to support informal and non-formal learning, create proper condition for personal and community growth as well as stimulate the hidden potential of our members.


We see our values not only as the way we do our activities, but also the reason we do them and what makes us strong:

Love & care

We are driven by sense of mission, empathy and personal well-being.

Respect & trust

We initiate change by embracing diversity.

Transparency, openness, honesty

We build on accountability and integrity.

Experimentation, flexibility, creativity & joy

We believe in joyful evolution and unconventional solutions.

Collaboration, togetherness & co-creation

We trust in collective awareness, intelligence and participatory innovation.


We have passion to inspire ourselves and others to act.

Positivity & hope

We believe that dreams come true.

Freedom & independence

We respect the time and space engagement of each other.