NOMADWAYS creates opportunities for artists, youth workers and social activists by designing international art workshops to engage social change.

We are an international nonprofit association based in France, dedicated to innovating use of performing and visual arts for social change. Our projects enhance interdisciplinary, intergenerational and multicultural dialogue. We assess European integration in arts, create or participate in projects, workshops, exchanges, residencies, training, partnerships, events, etc. Our activities always combine art, education and social vocation. We conduct innovative projects fostering interaction between young creatives, social actors and educators.

We are a collective of individuals developing synergic projects together, and as such, we also act as a networking platform, creating opportunities for idea development and the realization of social art initiatives.




NOMADWAYS was created by a bunch of international nomads. It was born as a tool to help us assist each other creating art projects with social purposes. In complement to the word “nomad”, we chose the word “ways”, meaning at the same time a physical path expressing the international dimension of our work, and a more spiritual one: our ways of doing, our mission to combine art and social activism, to create opportunities for dialogue & inclusion! We invented our name uniting those two words in one as an illustration of the synergy at work in our projects; where two elements mixed together create something new, unusual and innovative. We believe there are no mad ways :)



NOMADWAYS designs and hosts art residencies, trainings or workshops inviting international artists, youth workers and social activists to collaborate and create something together over a short period of time.

We usually bring around 20 people together, coming from 5 to 10 different countries. They live and work together between 5 days and 3 weeks, learning and creating a lot in the process. Our projects take place in different countries, mainly in Europe: France, Turkey, Portugal and more.

Our work is beneficial in complementary ways for our different target groups. Artists get a chance to learn how to use their practice for social causes. Youth workers learn how to use creativity to foster social inclusion. Social activists learn how to use art and engage youngsters in their work.

By doing this, we create opportunities for multicultural understanding, international and cross-sectorial cooperation, the development of artistic, innovative products & projects to engage social change.