Gender equality has a universally recognized benefit for people. However, our visual references (media, advertisements, movies, …), are still full of sexist stereotypes and vividly illustrate the depth of stereotypes permeating our contemporary civilization. Yet everyone have much to gain equality of all people, genders and sexes.

Our workshop in Brivezac, France, May 1-15 2018, will invite youth workers and artists to lend their support to involve youth for gender equity. We have chosen to address this topic through the use of creative digital tools because images are a powerful tool for reflection and call to action, and digital media has the widest impact reach.  We intend to bring everyone messages for gender equity and equality through digital images.

Womanity will bring together 24 men and women in equal proportions of youth workers, visual artists, gender activists and theoricians from different parts of Europe: 8 French, 4 Polish, 4 Bulgarian, 4 Portuguese and 4 Turkish.

The workshop will end with a local exhibition of comic strips to engage young people in favor of gender equality.

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