We will invite activists, educators, youth workers and artists to create webcomics and public presentation to challenge the gender clichés. The workshop will take place in Switzerland 2-10 November.

  • Dates: 2-10 November 2017 
  • Location: Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland
  • Who: we are looking for activists, educators, youth workers, writers and visual artists – artivists!
  • Where from: Switzerland, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Ukraine.
  • Application deadline: 20 August 2017
  • The project is co-founded by the Swiss Confederation
  • Food, travel costs and accommodation are covered.
  • The travel reimbursements are as following: CHF 400 per person for travel from France, Bulgaria, Spain, Ukraine, CHF 50 per person for travel from Switzerland.
  • There is a 30 CHF participation fee, taken from the travel reimbursement (which also grants you with a Nomadways annual membership).
  • Apply here! Oh, yeah!


About the workshop

Gender inequality is reflected in labour market, daily life and visual productions (media, advertisements, films), which are full of sexist clichés, as denounced by Georgette Sand or Caroline Dayer. With this project we want to contribute to the education of young people and youth workers in favor of gender equality.

We chose to address this issue via the creation of digital images in accordance with our expertise. Webcomics or comics blogs are innovative pedagogical tools for reflection and a universal field of action. The realization in November 2015 of the Feminismifragilistic, in which we explored the use of writing and illustration for initiating a dialogue on gender enabled us to measure the extent to which our target audiences are demanding opportunities to learn, debate and engage in gender issues. This project also allowed us to verify the validity of artistic expression as revealing of the individual and collective imagination associated with the genres. The latter warm welcome of the public and social networks for the products of that project assured us to continue an exploration.

Through “WeMen”, we want to make youth workers become an example and send messages to young people in favor of gender equality. At the end of the project, our participants will explore various writing and illustration techniques for engaging in egalitarian dialogue and motivating others to take an action. Based on our previous experience, our objectives evolve in the following way: different European youth workers, plastic artists, activists will come together to share and confront their personal experiences about gender as well as get knowledge on the influence of the visual arts in the perception of gender. As the effect, they will produce easily transmissible webcomics and blogs illustrating their learning outcomes in visual and digital form as well as they will develop educational booklet reflecting about tools and methods of working with inequality. Additionally, they will have a chance to get to known new intercultural and interdisciplinary working tools with youth, create international network of contacts, practice other foreign languages and develop a sense of European identity and citizenship.

Want to join? Apply here.

Read more on webcomics and gender

Our Kika wrote this piece on how we can use webcomics to talk about gender (in)equality. In art we trust, no? Read it here.

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