Are you 25 years old or younger and looking for an artivist initiative? Love sunny rural France and art spaces? Bingo! Nomadways is looking for 3 volunteers in civic service for a period of 8 months, from April to October 2019. Feel free to apply here as soon as you can – the first to apply, the first to get in! You will find all the details on the civic service terms on their website.


Since 2014, Nomadways’ mission is to promote social dialogue through visual and performing arts. To do this, the association creates workshops, residencies and cultural events that are multidisciplinary, intergenerational and multicultural with artistic, educational and social dimensions.

In spring 2017, Nomadways members settled in Corrèze, to renovate a barn, with the idea of ​​hosting meetings and workshops between artists, educators and European activists. In a few months, the local community mobilised to help international volunteers to renovate and reinvent the place: Homade!

Homade is located in the heart of the small village of Brivezac, 45km from Brive and Tulle – far from the opportunities of the big city. In addition, the town is aging: 48% of the population is over 60 years old.

In this context, Homade offers a place for dynamic human sharing and activities, inviting the dialogue and collaboration of eclectic populations: international and local, students, self-employed, creative, educators, social entrepreneurs and retirees.

To support and enrich this project, we decided to welcome 3 volunteers under 25, under the Service Civique programme, for a period of 8 months: from April to November 2019. The volunteers will have the opportunity to discover the activities of our cultural association, to engage locally and internationally by supporting projects of interdisciplinary and lifelong learning, intercultural exchange, collective creativity and social inclusion, but also developing their own project if they wish so. We expect them to contribute with their work 24 hours weekly and they will be paid 500 euros per month.




We will expect the volunteers to:

-participate in the management of the place in collaboration with all the other fairies at Homade, participate in collective governance meetings, participate in eco-construction projects; if interested, they can be involved in gardening, crafting, building – developing skills to create awesomeness with their own hands;

-develop activities: animations on digital tools and digital nomadism, creative workshops, cultural events, residencies of artists, volunteers will be able to work in the design phase, in coordination, animation and team evaluation, generate ideas, participate in decision-making, preparation, implementation, monitoring and communication of projects;

-promote volunteering, civic engagement, dialogue, mobility and creativity to the public, making Homade and the local community more visible;

-participate in our projects, workshops and activities.




We are particularly interested in people with experience and/or interest in:

-organisation and animation of artistic and social activities

-logistic management of a place and cultural events

-welcoming visitors and give them information about Homade

-digital skills, in particular digital nomadism and social entrepreneurship

-communication: verbal, written, digital, photo, video, illustration, graphics, … you name it!


-the networking of creative and citizen initiatives


We are looking for 3 volunteers, so do not expect every person to be experienced and/or attracted by all the areas mentioned, but by a few of them. We will do our best to welcome the best team possible including lovely humans who compliment each other’s skills.

Our volunteers have to be 25 years old or under, of European nationality, to know English and French; and to have a driving license.

Apply here now!



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