Créestival – sharing creativity by doing it together, sharing freely and happily!

A festival by Nomadways and Kacalou – would you like to join?

28-30 September 2018

Location: Homade, Brivezac, France (see on the map)

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Join our first annual festival at Homade, a lovely creativity sharing opportunity that we are happy to offer together with Kacalou – an amazing associative cafe in Beaulieu & very close friends of ours! Enjoy three days of workshops, theatre performances and vegetarian food in our renovated stone barn and green garden full of trees!


+ Spontaneous workshops and performances during the whole weekend!

Friday, 28 September

12:00 TEAM BUILDING with Kim Goddard (UK)

An introductory workshop, a ‘problem solving’ activity in small groups, designed to give us a chance to get to know each other, get constructive and creative and have a laugh!

Language: English and French

15:00 BODY EXPRESSION with I Fiori Di Cafe (IT)

A space where you can listen to your heartbeat and body inner rhythms and take them into a journey of expression; we will use basis of body and environment percussion gently waking up and shaking the voices of our bodies.

Language: English

17:00 FANZINES & WILD HERBS with Chari and Maryse (ES and FR)

This workshop will introduce the concept of fanzine and we will learn about how to create our own Zines using very simple origami modules. The goal of the workshop is to reflect about our relatioship with nature, learn about the wild medicinal plants that surround the barn and project an eco awareness message into the world. Let’s create our nomad fanzine collection!

Language: English and French

20:00 THEATRE PERFORMANCE with Dromocósmicas Theatre Itinerant (GR)


Saturday, 29 September

10:00 SUBMERGED – Performance Composition Workshop with Kai and Carmen

Choose between playing the Dramaturg or the Dancer in this joint performance composition workshop! Our theme is wetness vs. dryness, explored through creative writing and intervention in the Dramaturg group, and through movement compositions in the Dancer group. Halfway through, the groups will gather and experiment with merging their dance-works and language-works, as the shoreline meets the sea. Will the result be seamless, organic co-creation or a sub-marine cacophony-catastrophe?

Language: English

12:00 MOVE IN CYCLE with Lucia (IT)

We will dedicate ourselves to listening to our body, first in its position and then in the movement. we will move in awareness of our body acting in space with the bodies of others; all this following the cyclic energies of the four phases that the woman crosses each month. It will be an experiment to become aware of the feminine cyclical nature.

Language: English/Italian/Spanish

15:00 A TASTE OF IMPROV! with Gilles (FR)

A workshop for every one, experienced and beginners. Improv teaches us to be present, to be spontaneous, to be brave, to be silly and let’s not forget, to be funny. A first taste of improv while enjoying ourselves.

Language: French and English

15:00 NATURAL DYE with Coralie (FR)

Create and recreate more and more, without impacting anymore the people and the environment. Reinventing fashion and textile uses are my let motive’. Through the workshop we will experiment the creation of vegetal dyes and its application on fabric. You can bring your own pieces or take a sample and participate to a collective work question our relation to our body as society.

17:00 BODY MUSIC with Justine (FR)

We will slap, tap, move, slide our body, and heat our voice to make some sounds. Grow our awareness of the body as a musical instrument.

Language: body

20:00 THEATRE PERFORMANCE with Cécile (FR)

From our romantic impulses to stride the world to our landing in a small tourist train, what could have happened? How have our dreams of encounters, discoveries and adventures turned into circuits guided through souvenir shops “made in China”? Is it still possible to travel? Through a gesticulated conference with music, images, poetry and texts of authors, I return to my experiences as a traveler, ethnologist, musician and tourist in spite of myself, by questioning international mobility, which has become a social norm and the impact of mass tourism, the world’s leading service industry today.

Language: French

End of the day JAM SESSION

Everyone :-)


Sunday, 30 September

10:00 VEGAN BRUNCH with Lèa (FR)

12:00 PLAY! with Claire (NL)

Make funny faces, transform yourself into a 7-legged dinosaur, make crazy noises; take yourself on a little trip into your own imaginary world. It’s time for your inner child to come out and PLAY! We will use different tools like dancing, improvisation theatre, clowning and maybe some laughing yoga to come into this dimension, but will leave all the techniques behind. Come and have fun with your playmates!

Language: English (and could translate into French if needed)


Social worker, craftswoman, designer, musician, activist… None of it would fit me perfectly, that’s why I prefer to grab a bit of each field. I studied Applied Art, specialized in temporary architecture, and then Event Planning. Passionate about cultural field, I went to volunteer in social and cultural center in Slovenia and Spain, in the aim to get out of the school system, and explore informal education. There I discovered Theater of the Oppressed, teaching to refugees, illustrating for a fanzine, and even StopMotion. Most of all, I discovered Activism, and started to dig into feminism and gender issues. Since this time, my aim is to connect activism with creativity, creating social links and influencing for social changes. Let’s see where it will lead me!

Language: French or English

17:00 EMBODIED CONNECTION with Adriana (BR)

This is an invitation to create with the other participants a space in which we can experiment together different ways to establish connection and to communicate. We will explore how to be present with others while remaining present with ourselves and with what is going on in our bodies. This is an experimental workshop involving physical interaction, mindfulness and personal sharing. The intention is also to provide a moment in which participants can relax and be held by each other. There will be cuddle.

Language: English

19:00 MUSIC PERFORMANCE by El grupo se llama “Dueto C.C.” (ES)

Live music show, starting with an instrumental intro, songs sung rumba style, manouche, rock and roll, environmental song, a small comic musical show, in which to rock rhythm there is a single fart, ending with a very danceable instrumental and active, good day!


Following up the workshop that took place earlier, the group will make a performance to make a beautiful closure of their journey.


The entry is free price – it means that you will be invited to make a donation according to your judgement. The festival is completely self-funded and not for profit – the income will help us run the space and cover maintenance fees. Remember that all those amazing artists came from different locations in Europe to voluntary share their art, skills and talents and they covered their expenses themselves. Nomadways and Kacalou paid all of the expenses on the preparation of the festival as well, so the money you will contribute with, will turn into material, decoration, gas, electricity, water – all the necessary things we needed to have for this magic to happen.

Also, if you wish to have an insurance during your stay at Homade, you will need to become a member by signing up a participation form.


Kacalou bar will have some delicious drinks for you. Also, our amazing Lea will prepare vegan dishes for Friday and Saturday evening! Don’t miss the colourful breakfast she will make on Sunday morning, 10 am!




Dear friend and artivist,

We are Nomadways and Kacalou; and we would like to invite you to join our first co-created festival in Brivezac, France at the end of the Summer! Créestival will bring people together to share, perform & create with their arts and skills. Over a weekend more than 50 artivists will facilitate workshops for each other, perform and experiment together. We would like to invite you to join our community by contributing to the Créestival!

Imagine a long weekend full of shared creativity and art: music, performing and embodied arts, visual art, clowning, games, workshops… and whatever else you would like to propose!

How can you contribute?

-By sharing your art! – We would like to invite you to make a performance, show, concert and /or animate an art workshop up to 1.5 hours; and experience the creations by other artists for the rest of the weekend.

-By helping us run it! – We are a small team, so we will need your help. If you think you can help us with setting up workshops & shows spaces, garden, camping site, technical equipment, welcoming our guests, running and maintaining the place, cooking, making cocktails, promoting the festival around… please, let us know!

-Both! – You are an artist, and could also help us with the organisation? Wonderful!


Want to join?

Awesome! Become a participant! It’s easy: fill in this form, so we can learn more about you and the activity you would like to propose!


The location

Créestival will take place in Homade – Nomadways co-creation space in Brivezac, France. A place for nomads, artists, educators and social actors to come and play, learn, create and share. A place for you, for us to shape our world together! Find out more here.

7 rooms of 2-3 people for up to 20 awesome visitors in total
100m2 of movement space with a 7 meter heigh ceiling and an old cinema sound system
5 bathrooms
5 toilets, 2 powered by drinkable water, 2 dry toilets
1 shared kitchen, dining room, living room and library
4000m2 of garden full of walnut trees, apple trees, cherry trees, plum trees and fig trees
1 river a few meters away!


We have rooms for 20 people and a lovely garden for camping. The idea is to accommodate our artists and volunteers at Homade, but we will offer different options in the area if the house is fuller than we expected.

You will be invited to stay at Homade for free. However, since this festival is 100% self-initiated and funded, we will invite you to make a small donation according to your consideration.

Travel expenses 

All travel costs and arrangements are covered by you. This festival is not funded by any entity, therefore we are not able to cover your travel expenses.




What Créestival means to us?

It exists to explore and reveal all the possibilities of co-creation. It is open to anyone who would like to join a gang of creative and curious people who are interested in art as a mean of self-exploration, inclusion, expression, social change, respect, peace, love, care, curiosity, learning, freedom, improvisation and collectiveness.


What is Créestival’s purpose?

To give space and opportunity for different people to meet, experiment, learn and create together. For 3 days we will share a space, animate and experience creative moments proposed by each other. We will live, cook and eat together, as well as co-manage a festival of our own.


Our Values

Openness, playfulness, peace, inclusion, freedom, respect, creativity, improvisation, flexibility, curiosity, welcoming proactivism, friendship, empathy, love.


Who are we

We are Nomadways and Kacalou:

Nomadways is crafting art for social change! We do kick-ass international workshops for artists, educators and youth workers.

Kacalou, welcoming house in Beaulieu sur Dordogne, in south of France, is creating a space for meeting, sharing, co-creating and looking for new alternative ways to participate to the emerging new world, through an associative café, participative workshops and various animations.

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