With our project “Creative Communication” we will dive into the complex world of digital communication and will explore tools and good practices to make it truly creative and meaningful!

Our project will consist of two activities: a training course in France that aims at presenting the concept of digital literacy and a mix of online tools to improve NGO leaders’ online communication and will empower them with new skills, good practices and tools to use in their digital communication. Then, the second activity which will be a seminar in Bulgaria, where we will present the learning outcome and good practices to participants from developing countries in Eastern Europe. The activities are based on well developed methods of creative strategies design (such as design thinking, service design, buying personas, graphic facilitation and more) which is an approach to resolve issues outside of professional design practice, such as social contexts.

Working dates:

-Training course in France: 10-23 September 2019

-Seminar in Bulgaria: 12-15 November 2019


More information and invitations to join soon! :-)

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