Socially challenged youngsters usually present a lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence in their creative potential and a shortage of knowledge and experience in the use of artistic skills for their own expression and empowerment. In order to address this needs we aim with our TC “Body Poetry” to provide youth workers, working directly with young people from minorities at risk of social exclusion, with two powerful methodologies based on non-formal education methods that are inclusive, engaging and universally understandable: Body Movement Techniques and Theatre of the Oppressed.

Theatre of the Oppressed gives voice to the voiceless and provides an inclusive and safe space that enables people to question stereotypes and prejudices while Body Movement Techniques can boost the youngsters confidence with their bodies, their creativity and their self-expression.

We believe in the long term impact of our project changing the society’s attitude towards minorities. The forms of intervention using performing arts are of great help in the visibilisation of minorities and groups at risk of exclusion since, socially speaking, attending theater, dance and music performances by minority youths can help to bring us closer to each other, respecting our differences but recognizing our similarities and normalizing and celebrating the presence of diversity in our societies.

Training course info:

-October 2019.

-More information and application info coming in Spring, 2019.

Stay tuned :-)

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