Clown workshop 2017 France

“How to be a clown” first workshop took place in France last November and it was soooo good! That’s why we decided to do it again this year – in the Summer, in beautiful, green rural France! During this workshop you will experience a deep journey within yourself to discover what you have lost while growing up – your perfect, beautiful inner idiot!

Quick info

  • time: 18-31 October 2017
  • duration: 14 days
  • place: Brivezac, France
  • price: 680 eur, including activities and housing.
  • places: 20 participants
  • trainer: Richard Kimberley
  • apply here!

About the workshop

The art behind clowning lies in the fantastic idiot hidden deep within us. The sublime ridiculous. Those deep down parts that we have been told to cover up over the many years in this world. Now its time to uncover, to let them shine and to display them with the pride of a beautiful idiot. To rediscover the beauty of vulnerability. To open a world true to impulse and laughter, making the audience really laugh at your beautiful idiot.

The pleasure of this idiot is unique for every person and in this workshop you will learn to discover what makes ‘you’ funny. An exploration into openness and truth. An exploration into oneself. To be bad, to not understand and to fail, are celebrated and embraced through the pleasure to play in a fun and safe environment. You will develop trust as a group and journey deeper into the work as Richard supports you with clear and playful instructions and provocations.


So what is a clown?
Its impossible to say a definition, there are so many ways to live and look at the clown world. But two things that is true to all theories and the core of this workshop is the unique connection between the audience and the clown and laughter.

“A comic is funny because of what he does, a Clown is funny because he is happy with the ‘shit’ he does.” – Philippe Gaulier

“You clown is what your friends laugh at… behind your back!” - Cal McCrystal

We will explore “The game” What it means to truly play!

The pleasure of the actor” Where is your pleasure hidden? How can we unlock it, and understand it?

Group Awareness” Working as part of the whole and our part in the whole

Stage play” – Working with audience and improvisation,

“The body in space and action” – Movement analysis, Understanding our body and its possibilities. 

and “Our fantastic ridiculous idiot”, With group and solo exercises and improvisations to explore how you are funny.

Get ready to laugh so much your face will hurt…
In a beautiful and fun workshop!

About the Trainer

Richard Kimberley has been teaching and performing internationally for 6 years. After traveling for 5 years working with social circus and environmental projects he completed studies with clown guru Philippe Gaulier at his school in France. Majoring in theatre, clown, vaudville & bouffon. Studied clown in Spain with Hernan Gene and Gabriele Chame. Trained Mask Movement theatre in Italy with Matteo Destro and Paula Coletto. Learnt directing and devising techniques from ‘Told by and idiots’ Paul Hunter. He continued broadening his clown knowledge with SpyMonkeys Aitor Basauri and Vivian Gladwell at Nose to Nose. Along with training pantomime, music, circus, movement and acrobatics. 

He is artistic director and producer of Barada Street a street theatre company that performs at theatre & music festivals around the world. He co created and toured with Plague of Idiots in England and Australia.

Through his training and performing Richard has developed an interest in exploring and teaching “awareness”. Of the performer, of the audience, of each other and of course of ones self. His work is fuel by the exploration for games and dreams. the search for where one has pleasure, for where one is beautiful and vulnerable, why one is special and of course… how to share this with the audience.

Richard currently is living in and building an artistic living community in Germany and working on some new show creations in between touring and teaching.   

About the Location

The workshop will take place in our lovely Nomadways space! It is a renovated barn with all the comfort you need for a creative residency and clown activities. It is located in Southern France in a rural town called Reygade. Around our home, you will find sweet green hills to take walks around and the river Dordogne to canoe on. We have two cats, a dog and some chickens to become friends with too. Come and see: it’s a hidden french paradise.

Would like to have a look? Here:

The nearby lake The kitchen The barn The surroundings


Would you like to join? Apply here!

What previous participants say about the workshop:

I took a lot from the workshop to my personal life. Clear and honest communication, trust, playfulness and presence. How to connect with the audience and with people in general in an open way, looking in the eyes. I feel inspired to keep on working on my clown and to live and check in other contexts how will I apply this knowledge.

-Priscilla Oliveira Gonçalves

I will take away quite a lot but i also need to reflect on it in the coming days, weeks, months…

…beside all the games and tools, i guess i will feel more confident in being in front of an audience in general and connect with it.

…in general i also feel i refreshed my interest and passion for arts and circus, both for myself but also on a professional level. for sure i will be more likely to organise projects involving theatre etc; doing it by myself for 3 weeks, i actually realised even more how this kind of activities can be a fantastic tool in youth and social work, regarding personal development as well as collective dynamics.

-Damien Dechanterac

Everything was well planned. I felt like I just have to follow so things would happen in the good way. Thank you for this. It allowed me to relax and only concentrate on clowning!

-Cécile Laurans

i definitely recommend it: it is a way to work deeply on yourself in a funny environment, safe and supportive!

-Sara Celeghin

I love Richard’s sense of humour and somewhat light way of teaching: I had a lot of fun during the work, but it wasn’t some goofing around. I liked how we got things done and still laughed and had fun.

-Luka Piletič

Loved the steadyness during all the time, the calm and clear instructions. Loved the wide range of skills he (Richard, the trainer) shared. Loved the humbleness.

-Antonio Cargnello

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