Meet some key members of the team:

Anne is a nomad designer. She creates and animates trainings since 2008. Born in France, Anne studied art and interaction design there. She lived in Greece, Brazil, Seychelles, Portugal and now travels all year round, working from anywhere. She is an idea machine. Her curiosity led her to teach in the Himalayas, hitchike on boats along the Amazon and camp through the Sahara. That gave her a chance to collect myriads of stories to share through images, movements and words.

Karolina is an itinerant wanderluster, passionate about art and feminism. Born in Warsaw, Karolina graduated in cultural studies in Poland and is finishing her gender studies in Sweden. She designed and carried out creative writing courses and workshops about human rights and contemporary art in Poland and Sweden. She lived in Denmark, Indonesia, Belgium and Switzerland. She collects stamps on her passport and stories from all over the world.

Alexandra has been working in copywriting, digital communication and entrepreneurship during the past 10 years while being always attracted by arts – street dancing, music and drawing. She is a blogger and trainer since 2014 when she started teaching about digital skills and all creative ways to do online marketing and business planning. She now studies History of Art in Sofia and explores the possibilities of using art as an educational tool as well as a mean for inclusion & self-development.

The Queen is… the Queen is someone or something shaped by the circumstances. Love it or hate it, no one will be indifferent to this diva with an hilariously abrasive delivery. The Queen is a sidekick that seems to cross so many gender and political lines, that becomes an equal opportunity offender. Where the most of us is scrupulously polite, the Queen is bitchy; where we are low-key, the diva is overheated; where the world tries to make a conversation as if everyone was at the country club, the Queen does its at the kitchen table. The Queen is urban, ethnic, gossipy. The Queen is a diva. The diva is Miguel Stichini. So Miguel Stichini is the Queen.