Meet some key members of the team:

Anne is a freelance nomad designer. She is an idea machine, working on 1001 projects at the same time. Recently, she built a digital garden in Seychelles, drew posters for an art center in Senegal, sew a chinese dragon body with a cardboard donkey head for a school in Turkey and worked on various other stuff with cultural, educative and social dimensions all over the world. She lived in France, Greece, Brazil, Seychelles, Portugal and frequently travels around, working from any location. Take a look at to discover more!

The Queen is… the Queen is someone or something shaped by the circumstances. Love it or hate it, no one will be indifferent to this diva with an hilariously abrasive delivery. The Queen is a sidekick that seems to cross so many gender and political lines, that becomes an equal opportunity offender. Where the most of us is scrupulously polite, the Queen is bitchy; where we are low-key, the diva is overheated; where the world tries to make a conversation as if everyone was at the country club, the Queen does its at the kitchen table. The Queen is urban, ethnic, gossipy. The Queen is a diva. The diva is Miguel Stichini. So Miguel Stichini is the Queen.

Cultural manager & coordinator in communication and new media, Rawan developed her skills in intercultural project coordination and management in Europe and Palestine. She coordinated and organized cultural projects in Birzeit, took part in intercultural festivals in France and in Turkey. She also led, managed and coordinated the vision, goals and media projects for the UAE Embassy in Brussels. Rawan is now pursuing her challenge to develop new projects consistent with her background and passion!